Stewart Dean

Empathy Digital is a small London based company based around the work of Stewart Dean, a user experience consultant who has worked in digital media since 1995 Empathy Digital designs digital products based around the user experience. We believe that best solutions are arrived at when the needs of an organisation and it’s audience are closest together. So to arrive at the best solution requires being to understand both sides of the story first.

What do you mean by digital product?

This could be a website, an internal online tool, the interface to a TV set top box or any type of solution on any electronic device. Empathy Digital has a broad background in providing solutions for open and closed environments; for a wide public audience and for specialist internal teams. We have worked for and with Companies such as Foolproof, HSBC, the BBC and Sky.

So what do you do now?

Empathy digital is currently working on developing its own products, the first of which we currently call Moodotron. Our overall strategy is to start with a few online properties before moving into the development of a selection of tools aimed at rapidly creating user experiences, the kind of tools we wish existed now.

About Stewart Dean

Stewart Dean has worked in interactive media since 1995. He spent four years studying interactive system design before landed his first job creating websites for the UK film industry. The first commercial website he ever worked on was for pulp fiction and he created sites for Brave Heart and Trainspotting in the days when one person could do everything.

As the Internet and be developed he spent more of his time working as a producer, creating the overall structure of websites in collaboration with clients and working with designers and developers to make it a reality. Most recently he focused on contracting but has always wanted to take the leap into the world of Startups.